Avocados from Finca Solmark are the star produce invited to your Christmas dinner.

Avocados have become in recent years an extraordinarily popular food in Spain due to their rich flavour, healthy characteristics  and easy handling when preparing recipes. Since it is a tropical fruit, its season in our country coincides with winter and it can be one of those ingredients you are looking for to surprise your family at Christmas dinner.  Due its characteristics,  avocados are ideal for salads, cocktails and many appetisers. Additionally, recipes made with this delicious fruit are simple, colourful and originals, such as avocado and prawn cocktails,  or stuffed avocados suggested  on the  cooking website Directo al Paladar. There are those who prefer having it with more sophisticated dishes as seafood skewer, in small glasses, in a spoon with anchovies or with a poached egg, for example.

In Spain we have the advantage of a high-quality avocado production, especially in the area of ​​Malaga, where it reaches 70% of the countyry’s production. The subtropical microclimate of the Malaga region is suitable to grow the so-called ‘superfood’, which also provides unique characteristics that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, such as their creaminess, high nutrients and their ecological aspect. This last one is especially particular of the Malaga countryside, because the dry climate prevailing in this area allows avocados to mature free of plagues and fungus and without the need to use much fungicide and a lower carbon footprint due to the our country’s closeness  with the rest of Europe, compared with those coming from others parts of the world. It also has greater capacity of fixing CO2 to the ground than any other crops with similar characteristics.

Therefore,  Malaga avocados can reach your kitchen fresh to prepare delicious recipes, with the advantages that they will keep all the nutrients and the delicious taste of the freshly collected fruits. At Finca Solmark all our crops are eco-friendly, so if you want to buy fresh avocado, contact us on our online shopAnd remember, once you purchase your products with us you will immediately be part of our Ecological Club, with discounts and advantages for future purchases.

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