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I was born in ÖrebroSweden, one of the world’s richest countries, with one of the highest  human development and progress rates on the planet, and a model country in environmental terms, having pioneered what is today known as the “Green Revolution.”In 1994 as young as 16 years old, my curiosity, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit led me to create my first company, a  videogame stall in Linköping.

From 1999 to 2002, I launched the first chain of videogame shops in Sweden, Nordic Games,  which then adopted the name GamePlay and was finally sold to GAME and EB (GameStop).

Another outstanding milestone that marked my professional career in a special way was the launch in the Nordic market of videogame and game guides for the PC, Piggyback, known by its large dose of design creativity and beauty.


In 2008, I founded the Nordic Games videogames publishing house with my colleague Nik Blower. Together with Wired Productions and Le Cortex, I created in less than 9 months the mega-hit “We Sing”, a  Wii karaoke game with a compilation of the best  famous singer hits. The videogame publisher ended up merging with what was then JoWood in 2011 and relocated to Vienna, buing much of THQ and converting it into what is today a listed company called Embracer Group previously known as THQ Nordic, with over 3000 employees, of which I am still a shareholder.


After 25 years working in the videogaming industry, in 2014, my interest in bringing the olive oil culture to Sweden made me create, together with a partner, the company Mainake.

At the beginning of 2018, my interest in caring for the environment, my health and my personal well-being, together with the experience of going through a health problem that required me to take a more leisurely life, lead me to found what is today main vital project, my dream, the Finca Solmark.


  • Pelle Lundborg


Finca Solmark

Camino de las Minas

29551 Carratraca

Málaga, España

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