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Entrevista a Pelle Lundborg

The daily newspaper El Diario Sur has interviewed me on a very personal level about my new profesional career path. In this, I explain how I have changed my job in a multinational video game company for a life in the countryside in a town in Málaga, Carratraca and how dreams come true.

Read my last interview done by the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. In this I summarize some of the projects I am working on and the benefits of being a partner of the Chamber of Commerce.

Entrevista a Pelle Lundborg lleva aguacates a Suecia en un Tesla

I am here sharing an interview that has been done by the daily newspaper El Diario Sur. It is about an initiative that I have done with my Tesla to raise awareness among consumers about organic products and the climate change.

A lot of foreigners have come to the south of Spain in the last decade. They have come to work, start businesses or simply to look for the peace and calmness many of the towns here offer. Logically, none of us had expected that we would experience a pandemic. This article talks about this experience and how some of the foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs have lived through the confinement.

Entrevista a Pelle Lundborg confinamiento pandemia

No te pierdas la entrevista realizada por Mats Björkman sobre la Finca Solmark en Sydkusten.es

¡Hemos salido en el Programa Campechanos! En él, contamos la historia de la finca, cómo es nuestro día a día y todos los proyectos de futuro en los que estamos trabajando.

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