My dream, Finca Solmark

At the beginning of 2018, my interest in caring for the environment, health and personal well-being, together with the experience of going through a health problem that required me to live a more relaxing and quiet life, lead me to create what is today my main vital project, my dream, Finca Solmark.

Finca Solmark was created as a personal project, but today it is a productive ecological farm that sells and exports olive oil, ecological products and handcrafted ceramic to Europe. The services we offer include olive tree sponsorship, olive oil tasting, bicycle rides,  conference attendance, plogging activities (picking up litter while jogging), among others.


This project, which brings together the best of Hispanic-Swedish philosophy, promotes rural development, encourages  ecological and sustainable tourism  in Andalusia, helps the Carratraca village to seek solutions for rural depopulation and also assists the preservation and diffusion of gastronomic, artistic and cultural heritage and of the environmental area,among other things.

Fiesta Cangrejos y Vikingos
Mercadillo Loppis - Finca Solmark

We have included some very entertaining activities that I hope will bring Carratraca to life, as well as attract tourism to this beautiful part of Spain. Among them you can find the typical flea markets, Loppis, or the fun Crab and Viking Festival, all based on Swedish traditions.


  • Pelle Lundborg


Finca Solmark

Camino de las Minas

29551 Carratraca

Málaga, España

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