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I consider myself the very fortunate father of two wonderful children who are the soul of my life, my dearest treasure. Although I don't like labels, there is a trait that defines me, that is unstoppable. Since I was young, I have been lucky and had a great deal of energy, and after a health issue that made me stay still for a while, I decided that I would focus and help to improve the world  with my work and resources. My dream is to be remembered some day as a  Changemaker and I have been involved in several  projects that bear the values ​​of my parents .

One of my dreams is to be able to contribute to improve the world and I would like  people to remember me one day as a Changemaker, given the number of  social and environmental projects I have been working on,  some of them embedded with the values received from my parents.

From my mother, Annette, author of the book«The Personal Care of Plants»and expert in phytotherapy, homoeopathy, mycology and many other areas, I have learned, above all, to respect and care for  nature and animals.


From my father, P-G., who spent a large part of his working life in Africa and the Caribbean and had a fascinating life as a pilot, translator, and also working for the UNO, the Swedish International Development Authority, the Red Cross, SAAB and other organisations, I have that curious spirit - the desire to learn something new each day - and an unflagging energy in pursuing my dreams, even at times when I have had to overcome significant challenges.

From my parents, I have inherited respect and concern for nature, a drive to raise awareness about science and the environment, and the dream to improve things under the hypothesis that a better world is really possible!

Pelle Lundborg

The subjects that concern him most are environmental education,  awareness for a cleaner planet (clean-up, recycling, etc.) and renewable energies. Also, everything related to  innovation, technology and digitalisation.

That is why I am trying to raise awareness in society about the fact that we can all sow seeds of hope and prosperity, as a firm advocate of economic and social progress, and also progress in science and technology.

Connector by nature, if there is something that I enjoy doing is getting  people with similar personal and/or professionals interests together, and find opportunities in social and networking activities.

As a sports lover, I have participated in ultra marathons and I also enjoy water sports.

My interest in quality foods  has led me to investigate the latest about ecological food and healthy eating.

Pelle Lundborg - Mi lado más personal

My curiosity, restlessness and interest to learn, make me read all the time, and practise new languages ​​or attend conferences, events and holidays that inspire me.

I also enjoy providing advice to young entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups, to land their ideas, and to help define their business models.

Whenever I can, I do volunteer work in hospitals to help foreigners who visit a primary care doctor to communicate with them and receive medical treatment.


  • Pelle Lundborg


Finca Solmark

Camino de las Minas

29551 Carratraca

Málaga, España

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